4 Things for the New Year in Crofton

What we're looking out for in the new year.

Four things to look out for in Crofton in 2014 (Credit: Huffington Post)
Four things to look out for in Crofton in 2014 (Credit: Huffington Post)
As we welcome 2014, it's always a good habit to make some resolutions for the new year. Of course, most of those resolutions are out the window by Valentine's Day, but it's nice to set goals. 

We'll refrain from making any pure resolutions on behalf of the town, but here are a handful of things we'd like to see happen in the Crofton area over the next 12 months. 

More New Restaurants - We expect to see a new IHOP, McDonald's and Buffalo Wild Wings open at the new Main Street at Waugh Chapel development. Also, Grotto Pizza will move into the old Italian Market space, and a new restaurant will replace the Sly Horse Tavern.

More Police Enforcement Along Route 3 - We already saw it with the DUI checkpoint in December near Route 450. Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis is a Crofton resident and knows the challenges of Route 3 well. Expect to see fewer accidents but perhaps a few more tickets along the busy corridor. 

Continued Momentum Toward a High School- We won't see a high school in Crofton get built in 2014, obviously. But we can expect the proponents of a school to continue their push, especially with a new school superintendent coming on board. 

Other School Construction - Crews will be busy in 2014 building additions and performing renovations at several Crofton schools. Crofton Middle School could have 12 new classrooms by the end of the calendar year. Nantucket Elementary could see work begin on a kindergarten addition, and Crofton Meadows Elementary could see its addition complete by this spring. 


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