Cell Phone Repair Business Opens in Waugh Chapel

CPR opened in January and specializes in electronic repairs for cell phones, laptops and game systems.

Anyone with a cell phone probably knows what it is like to battle with the major telecommunications companies when the phone breaks. CPR recently opened in Waugh Chapel and offers a new approach for dealing with a broken cell phone.

CPR—short for Cell Phone Repair—is an on-premise cell phone and electronics repair center. Mark Robbins and his father, Rob Robbins, run the Gambrills CPR location as well as the one in Annapolis mall and Pasadena.

In an interview with Patch in August 2011, Mark Robbins said they were hoping to open a new location in Waugh Chapel. Robbins said there are several advantages to taking your electronics to CPR as opposed to a Verizon or AT&T store.

“First we are cheaper than if you use your insurance plan or Verizon or something like that," Robbins said. "Lots of time if it is broken Verizon sends it away and gives you a refurbished phone. So with that you are without your phone for a while, and you are getting back a used phone.”

Robbins also said repairs are done in less than an hour so customers don't have to go several days without a phone.

CPR repairs more than just cell phones. It will work on pretty much everything, from a laptop to something smaller. Robbins said he has worked on some strange things in the past, like an electric shaver, but he mostly does phones, laptops and game systems.

CPR is located at 2389 Brandermill Blvd. in Gambrills.


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