Find Crofton Treasures on Ebay

A search on the online auction site reveals a number of interesting and odd items.

Hopping on to eBay can be an exciting adventure. You never know what you might find. 

I recently did a search for items related to Crofton, and found quite a number of items. Many were photos from The Baltimore Sun's archives, but there were other interesting treasures. 

Check out these items and happy bidding!

Picture of Crofton's Garbage - More specifically, it's a photo of several people throwing some trash bags into the back of a truck. The photo appeared in The Baltimore Sun in 1980 and is selling for $14.99.

Photo of a Crofton Police Officer - The photo, also from The Baltimore Sun, features officer John Wortman in his patrol car, looking quite serious. It's available for $14.99.

1996 Crofton Meadows Elementary School Yearbook - Here's a chance to look back on your formative years. For the times when you want to settle a bet or just remind yourself of the most awkward time of your life. Buy it for $8.

Cookbook from Community United Methodist Church - This cookbook from 1982 features recipes for dishes including baked blue fish and beef and cheese foldover. I love a good foldover. $4.99.

Ham Radio Postcard - I am not a ham radio enthusiast, so I don't know what to make of this. But it has the name of a Crofton resident named Carl Wermine and ended up in the hands of someone from Quebec, Canada. It can be yours for $9.99.

manish m shah February 17, 2013 at 10:43 PM
Another seller site is Get Me The - www.getmethe.com


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