If You're A Leader, Crofton Target Wants to Hire You

The new store is looking to hire 14 department managers, 200 general team members.

Do you consider yourself a leader? If so, the new Target in Crofton is looking to hire you.

The store, which is scheduled to open on March 11, is now looking to hire 14 team leaders/department managers who would start Jan. 6 in preparation for the grand opening. The new Target in Crofton will be on southbound Route 3 north of the Kmart shopping center, which is 6.5 miles north of the on Route 3. The new store is also south of the Village at Waugh Chapel shopping center.

The store is also looking to hire 200 general team members. For that hiring, there will be a job fair on Jan. 9 and Jan. 10 at the in Bowie.

The need for team leaders is immediate, said Jean Caufriez, the team leader for the entire Crofton store. The hiring process begins online General team members may also apply online before the job fair, he said. Applications can also be filed out electronically at any Target store.

Previous cashier and merchandizing experience are welcome, as is grocery experience, because Crofton’s first Target will have a large grocery section, said Caufriez. But leadership skills are what Caufriez seeks above all else.

He defines leadership as the ability to: take a concept and improve upon it, communicate well, show respect, be detail oriented, appreciate diversity and “maximize the strengths of others.”

“We can teach you the retail side of it, but we need people who can lead, who can pull it all together to engage our guests every day,” said Caufriez, who has opened eight other stores for Target.

Caufriez declined to specify what pay he is offering. However, after six months, Target employees who work 19 hours a week or more are eligible for health insurance and other benefits.

“Our pay and benefits are very competitive for the industry,” he said.

Pearl Okam, human resources team supervisor for the new store, said for candidates to impress, they had best learn everything they can about Target culture. Much of that information is available online. “They need to get answers so they can know what we are looking for,” she said.

The first step to be considered is to apply online, which takes about 45 minutes to complete the application process. Okam said she will contact manager candidates that interest her within a day or two of their application being posted. “Our focus right now is on reviewing applications as quickly as possible,” she said. “I’ll be calling them before they have a chance to call me.”

If a candidate has not heard back from her within a week, they may contact her for now at the Bowie Target, 301-352-3830, to get the status of their application.


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