Serving Up ‘Roundz’ of Gluten-Free Fun

Keeping with our “Gluten-Free Friday” theme, Crofton Patch contacted Roundz Gourmet Market for details on how chef Zachary Pope serves up these entrées. Does your restaurant have special dishes and recipes to share?

Take a look at some of  daily gluten-free dishes in the photo gallery.

Polenta, a corn product, is great. In its most basic form it contains only cornmeal and water. If you are looking at corn chips or other corn-based foods at the grocery story, make sure you read the labels carefully because sometimes they contain gluten additives or are tainted with gluten-containing foods during processing.  

Because  creates dishes from fresh ingredients, there are a variety of gluten-free options. For example, this week we’ve offered Sautéed Baby Zuchini with Pearl Onions, Roasted Trio of Potatoes, Asian Haricort Vert with Sugar Snaps and a Grilled Vegetable Medley. 

Our chefs are always on hand to answer questions about ingredients and work with diners to make selections that will suit dietary needs and please the palate.  



Does your restaurant have special dishes and recipes to share? 

Why not post them here on Crofton Patch. Send a photo and a description to nicki.mayo@patch.com.

Cindy Drabick December 30, 2011 at 09:36 PM
Chef Pope does a great job with his creations! I hope the community will support him, as a local small business.


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