Where's the Best Spot in Annapolis to Watch the Ravens?

Is it all about the TVs? The food? The beer? The fans?

I’m sure many of you are finishing hooking up your new big screens and finalizing your menus for your playoff party this weekend.

But what’s better than joining a room full of screaming fans to watch your Ravens lose to … I mean topple the Texans. Calm down. I’m just kidding. I’m still stinging from being “Tebowed” last weekend.

I know the playoffs are all about the party. There are usually a ton of TVs, great food and more than enough beer.

But being a Steelers fan in enemy territory, I don’t have a good gauge on the best Ravens party spots around Annapolis.

So, this week’s question: Where’s the best (and friendliest) spot in Annapolis to watch the Ravens game?

Elly Tierney January 12, 2012 at 01:17 PM
I haven't explored outside historic Annapolis but Mangia's is my suggestion! Let me know so I can suggest to guests.


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