DISH IT! : The Awe Shack

"Fantastic Samosas, chicken and beef kabob. Can't say enough about a place where my son will literally lick his plate clean!" -Foodie Joe Robinson.

Our Crofton Patch foodie Joe Robinson checked out The Awe Shack with the family. Here's what the outspoken food critic had to say about the Princess Center resturant.

By Joseph Robinson

For an Awe-petizer to use their terminology, we had the Samosas to start - fried pastry shells with potatoes and green peas with a homemade chutney dipping sauce is fantastic. 

They are somewhat different from traditional Indian Samosas but great!  The chutney sauce that they serve this with is a cilantro, garlic, vinegar, jalapeño, and yogurt blend sauce - really good and great for dipping both the samosa's and the homemade freshly prepared naan bread.

For our Awe-ntrees, my son and I had the Chicken Kabob and my wife had the Beef Kabob - large portions both richly spiced but not too spicy.  Excellent and served with a salad, rice - your choice of white, brown, or kabuli (a delicious rice with spices and raisins) and a big basket of fresh naan bread. The naan perfect for building your own delicious wrap or just for dipping in their wonderful chutney.  Can't say enough about a place where my son will literally lick his plate clean!

Prices are reasonable - less than $40 for the three of us for a good meal.  Once again, I haven't tried their desserts because their food is so good.  I can only imagine they are as good as the food.

The Awe Shack

Princess Center
2510 Conway Road, Suite 101
Gambrills, MD 21054

Tel. 410.721.5022
Fax. 410.721.5044
E-mail: TheAweShack@gmail.com

Nicki Mayo October 27, 2011 at 10:26 AM
It's "Dish It! Thursday" on Crofton Patch! I may be off my normal social media game but I'll always tune in to see what foodies have to say about the local spots. Bon Appétit


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