DISH IT! : Bon Appétit with These Italian Treats

Mamma Roma and Italian Market have the best in the area. So many people in our area settle for Ledos.

By Joseph Robinson

For those long time Crofton/Bowie/Gambrills residents that remember Lucky Luciano's in the Priest Bridge Center in Crofton and Happy Italian Delight in the Free State Mall in Bowie - we do have good Italian food within our reach. 

So many people in our area settle for - which in my honest opinion is right up there with Mama Celeste from the frozen food aisle.

The best (in my humble, honest opinion) in our area are:

8743 Piney Orchard Pkwy
Suite 102-103, Odenton, MD 21113

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: Noon - 9pm

I cannot say enough about Mamma Roma.  We discovered this little gem a few years ago and me and my family have never been disappointed in anything that we have had there.  From their pasta dishes to their pizza (especially their Sicilian Pie) to their garlic knots... everything is good there.  I have taken relatives from NY there and they have loved it. 

We have had several soccer parties there and they never disappoint. 

Great food, service, clean, and reasonably priced. Recommend any of their pizza or pasta dishes - you will not be disappointed.

2404 Brandermill Blvd.

Gambrills, MD 21054


Monday - Thursday 10 AM - 10 PM
Friday - Saturday 10 AM - 11 PM
Sunday 11 AM -   9 PM

Italian Market in the Village at Waugh Chapel Shopping Center,  after going through some management/staff changes over the past few years, is out there and making good Italian food again. 

Gone are the belligerent 12 year olds microwaving your food, which was the case for the last few years.  It was during what I refer to as their 'growing phase’ that we discovered Mamma Roma (see above). 

As a transplanted NY'er, I am very particular about my pizza.  Their pizza is very good now.  Sauce is not too sweet, the toppings are wonderful [wholly recommend the large Neopolitan (what they refer to as “NY Thin Crust”) with Sausage] and when I order a Sicilian pie, I don't wind up with an under-cooked doughy mess - they and Mama Roma both know how to make Sicilian!  

Their pasta dishes are very good as are their salads.  Good food, service, clean, and reasonably priced.

I cannot speak for the desserts for either establishment because unfortunately, the food is so good there is no room for dessert!  Although we have been known to carry out the wonderful cannoli's from Mamma Roma and the spectacular gelato from Italian Market on occasion!

Foodie Family October 20, 2011 at 01:37 AM
@Joe. If you try Squisito's, our recommendation would be to try the one on Riva Road first. It's by far our favorite of the locations:)
laura October 20, 2011 at 02:17 PM
Mamma Roma's is amazing! I've tried everything from the calamari to lobster ravioli to the sicilian pizza.It's our favorite place to go to eat for special occasions. I will admit that I haven't been to The Italian Market since the 12 year olds were microwaving my dinner, they are were too pricey for lackluster food. Perhaps i'll give it another go now that they have changed management.
Joe Robinson November 29, 2011 at 09:13 PM
Tried Squisitos in Annaplolis and their Neapolitan pizza is really good. Their sauce is alos very good. Crust was nice and chewy. Cannot say the same for their Sicilian unfortunately - very skimpy with the dough. For Sicilian - head to Italian Market or Mama Roma. The Sicilian pie there is easily twice the size of Squisito.
Nicki Mayo November 29, 2011 at 09:22 PM
@Joe I LOVE great sauce. @Laura The Lobster ravioli sounds NICE! "microwaving my dinner"... Oh my?
LH December 16, 2011 at 07:12 PM
I would stay away from Squisitos. My family and I bought steak and cheese subs there and there was DIME in my sub. I nearly broke my tooth biting into my sandwich. My father took the dime and the sub back to the shop to speak with the owner. The owner wasn't there but he spoke to a manager and he took our information and promised us the owner would be in touch. It's been almost a YEAR and no one has called or apologized. Who knows if the manager actually told the owner what happened or even forwarded our information, but I would never go back there again and I told all my friends and family to stay away as well.


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