MOMS TALK: Are you a Helicopter Parent?

Do you hover over your kids?

Sounds like a funny question, but I’m hearing it a lot these days. The term is given to parents, particularly Mom’s, that tend to “hover” over their children. As a mom, I believe it’s a natural instinct to want the best for our children and always protect them. When is it time to ease off and let them fly?

Each year of a child’s life brings new independence and changes. It ranges from finally letting them climb the playground equipment alone, and sending them off to kindergarten, to then letting them go to the mall with friends, watching them drive alone for the first time, to saying goodbye when they go to college.

It’s tough. We hear stories everyday where things go wrong and we ask ourselves the question, “Well what if?”

It’s a tough balance. You want them to gain their own confidence in situations, but it’s so scary to back away and let them figure things out on their own, especially if you think they could get hurt.

Are you a tough love parent that drops on the first day of school and runs, or are you the one that stays until everything is just perfect? I’ve been both.

How do you handle new situations that make you reevaluate your parenting values and back down a little, allowing your child more freedom?


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