MOMS TALK: Pondering Pool Possibilities

How does your community pool rate this summer?

If you decided to stay home this past weekend, chances are you visited one of our local community pools. We have 5 pools in a 5 miles radius to choose from and when the weather is hot, this is the place we want to be.


Talking to some moms over the weekend, all agreed that adequately trained lifeguards were an important issue. While nothing replaces the parent’s responsibility to watch their child, it’s helpful to know that our lifeguards pass rigorous training before being hired.


Another issue was the cost and nutritional value of some of the snack bars. Many wanted more fruit and less junk at more economical prices.

Safety and Maintenance

“I would like to see more umbrellas at the pool. Not everyone wants to bake in the sun while watching the kids swim,” shared Crofton mom Adrienne Roth.

“It would also be nice to see rubber mats on the floors in the bathrooms to keep you from slipping,” Roth shared.

Keeping the pools clean of debris is also important. Many agreed that it’s nice to see a clean pool when you arrive.

Many pool management companies  do a lot of required maintenance in the off season to be ready when summer hits.


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