Why is know one doing this? If a sign is not posted that prohibits a left on red, then it is perfectly legal to make a left on red (after you come to a complete stop). I am tired of sitting at the light and honking at the guy/girl in front of me to go, because I normally get the finger or a strange look.  Please read below, I cannot paste in bold but it is clear as day in the Maryland law that this is perfectly legal. Now please stop wasting my time and make a left on red in the Michigan UMd. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-202 (2013), TRANSPORTATION, TITLE 21.  VEHICLE LAWS -- RULES OF THE ROAD, SUBTITLE 2.  TRAFFIC SIGNS, SIGNALS, AND MARKINGS , § 21-202. Traffic lights with steady indication , Annotated Code of Maryland Copyright 2013 by Matthew Bender and Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group All rights reserved. CORE TERMS: signal, intersection, pedestrian, steady, traffic, red, facing, crosswalk, vehicular, roadway, arrow, right-of-way, yellow, marked, subtitle, lawfully, street, control signal, vehicular traffic, cautiously, adjacent, marking, traffic control signals, right turn, near side, circular, stopping, colored, bicycle, warned
... arrows, whether successively one at a time or in combination, only the colors green, red, and yellow may be used.    (2) These lights apply to drivers and pedestrians as provided in this  ...... a steady yellow signal is warned that the related green movement is ending or that a red signal, which will prohibit vehicular traffic from entering the intersection, will be shown immediately  ...... yellow signal is warned that there is not enough time to cross the roadway before a red signal is shown, and a pedestrian may not then start to cross the roadway. (h) Steady red indication -- In general. --    (1) Vehicular traffic facing a steady circular red signal alone:       (i) Shall stop at the near side of the intersection:          1. At a  ...... a signal to proceed is shown.    (2) Vehicular traffic facing a steady red arrow signal:       (i) May not enter the intersection to make the movement indicated  ...... remain stopped until a signal permitting the movement is shown. (i) Steady red indication -- Entering intersection for right turn or for left turn from one- ...... prohibiting a turn is in place, vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal, after stopping as required by subsection (h) of this section, cautiously may  ...... a one-way street onto a one-way street. (j) Steady red indication -- Entering intersection to make turn indicated by sign. -- If a sign permitting any other turn is in place, vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal, after stopping as required by subsection (h) of this section, cautiously may enter the intersection and make the turn indicated by the sign. (k) Steady red indication -- Yielding right-of-way to certain pedestrians. -- In each instance, vehicular  ...... intersection or approaching on another roadway so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard. (l) Steady red indication -- Pedestrians prohibited from entering roadway. -- Unless otherwise directed by a  ...... provided in § 21-203 of this subtitle, pedestrians facing a steady red signal alone may not enter the roadway. (m) Applicability of section. -- Except  ...
Tim Lemke August 14, 2013 at 05:33 PM
Awaiting an official clarification from the police on this.
Kenn Bing August 15, 2013 at 12:41 AM
Glad to see you caught my typo Jimmy! Thank you. Dr. Bing
Kenn Bing August 19, 2013 at 11:03 AM
For clarification in my comment to Justin. ! Inconsiderate referred to drivers who do not turn on red, when their is no on coming cars. A considerate driver would remember they are sharing the road with other drivers and extend this curtsey, if safety would allow. TIM, I am interested in your follow up from the MVA or police department .
PG August 24, 2013 at 02:21 PM
If we're talking courtesy here now, as opposed to the law, then in my book it would be more courteous and considerate (not to mention safer) to wait if the person in front of you has chosen to wait. I stand by my first comment. Wait the 2-3 minutes and choose to be the polite one, even if you think the person in front of you is rude for "getting in your way".
Leigh Couture August 24, 2013 at 09:55 PM
I thought that there was a sign on Reidel at route 3 north that stated no turn on red. The biggest problem that I have encountered are the drivers in the far left lane that still want to go north, cutting in front of the drivers that are making that Michigan U turn (though according to my sister in Michigan this is not a true Michigan U turn.)


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