Letter from Arundel High Principal Regarding Rumors

Principal Sharon Stratton said rumors of a planned shooting this Friday at the school are unfounded.

A day after administrators at Old Mill High were forced to respond to rumors about a planned school shooting, officials at Arundel High School responded to similar chatter spreading on social media sites.

Arundel High Principal Sharon Stratton said there is no evidence of a genuine threat to the school and urged parents and students to avoid the spread of false rumors.

Here is the full text of a letter sent by Stratton to parents:

Dear Parents and guardians,

It is a sign of the times in which we live, I supposed that in the wake of horrific events like last week's school shooting in Connecticut, a bevy of rumors began to spread through schools and communities. I am writing to you to address one of those rumors, and to reassure you that we are investigating this case and any others that may come to our attention seriously and thoroughly.

A posting on Facebook alleges that a boy named "Charlie" will begin shooting at Arundel High School on Friday. We have investigated this matter since late yesterday and continue to do so, but to date have found no one who can tell us who "Charlie" is or lend any credibility to this rumor. We are continuing to talk to any students whose names are brought to our attention.

Our Office of School Security and the Anne Arundel County Police Department, especially our School Resource Office, are assisting in this matter. Again, at this time, we have nothing to indicate this is anything but a rumor. Our school days yesterday and today have been normal, and instruction has proceeded on schedule.

Please talk with your child about these rumors, and encourage them to provide any information they have to school administrators, teachers, or counselors. However, please also urge them not to participate in the spreading of false rumors with other students. Please also do everything you can to help contain the spread of false rumors. Your communication with our school is critical, especially in instances such as these. Please alert us immediately if you have information that could assist us.

We will continue to work closely with police on this and other matters regarding the safety and security of our school building. If you have any information that could assist us, please don't hesitate to call the school.


Sharon Stratton

TC December 22, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Tim, Were you aware that more than one thousand students Arundel High stayed home from school on Friday due to the Facebook threat? That is almost HALF of the school's population! The telephonic/email notifications were crazy! My wife and I got 32 emails telling us our son wasn't in school; a friend got 72 emails telling them their son wasn't in school! That's local news the Patch should be covering!


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