Virginia Man Shot While Kayaking in Anne Arundel County

The victim, a Reston, VA, resident, was stuck on the water overnight after being shot while paddling a kayak on Bodkin Creek.

David E. Seafolk-Kopp of Reston was out paddling in a kayak Saturday night when he was shot in the stomach. Google map
David E. Seafolk-Kopp of Reston was out paddling in a kayak Saturday night when he was shot in the stomach. Google map
By Mary Ann Barton

A Virginia man was shot in the stomach while kayaking Saturday night on an Anne Arundel County creek, according to the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

David E. Seafolk-Kopp, 56, of Reston, was out stargazing in a kayak on Bodkin Creek while visiting relatives in the area, when he saw a bonfire and heard what sounded like a party, FOX News reported. Then he noticed a red dot on his stomach, like a laser pointer. Soon after, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

Seafolk-Kopp was on the water until the next morning and didn't make it to shore until about 10:30 a.m. Sunday. He was discovered by a homeowner.

"The bullet entered near his rib cage, and they were able to easily extract it," a spokeswoman for the Maryland Natural Resources Police told The Baltimore Sun.

The spokeswoman told The Washington Post that the kayaker’s wound was not consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot, and police do not have any suspects in the shooting. 

"Our officers are out in boats looking at the shoreline, seeing if they can see the remnants of a fire. Anne Arundel County police are working the shoreline on foot to see if they can find any remnants of this party," the spokeswoman told WBAL-TV.

Anyone with information should call (410) 260-8888.
Justin case April 16, 2014 at 10:01 AM
This guy is full of crap. I'm surprised crap didn't leak out of the bullet wound. He was oobviously accidentally shot by a known person and the gun is probably not registered or the accidental shooter may not want to be involved so he made up a Swiss cheese hole story to cover either his butt or the shooters


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