Community Looks to Fix Route 3 'Bottleneck'

Route 3 north narrows to two lanes in Gambrills. (Credit: Tim Lemke)
Route 3 north narrows to two lanes in Gambrills. (Credit: Tim Lemke)
At the north end of Route 3, the roadway moves from three lanes to two, often forcing traffic backups as cars change lanes. 

Members of the Crofton community are renewing their efforts to address this issue. 

The Greater Crofton Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a push to see the road widen to three lanes, especially after fatal traffic accidents in the area in the past year. 

"You come off of [Interstate] 97 and it becomes two lanes," said Bob Johnston of the Anne Arundel County Association of Realtors, who is leading the effort on behalf of the chamber. "We've had numerous deaths in that corridor. People come of the road and don't realize that traffic has stopped."

Three people died in August in a crash after a truck collided with multiple cars exiting Route 32 onto Route 3 South. Another woman died in October in a crash in the same area. 

The narrowing of Route 3 begins in the area of St. Stephens Church Road and extends to Route 175. 

Johnston said the chamber hopes to have conversations with the state highway administration about the possibility of making the road three lanes. Wide shoulders could allow for the road to be simply re-striped. 

"We're not talking about putting in an overpass or an interchange or bridge," he said. 

Johnston said a public meeting on the issue could be scheduled within 30 days. 

Members of the Greater Crofton Council said they have raised the Route 3 lanes issue with state highway officials in the past, and that they support a re-striping. 

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Do you think something should be done about the narrow portion of Route 3?
Kathleen Phillips January 18, 2014 at 08:44 AM
The worst thing they did on rt. 3 was to put the 4th lane in that merges into the 3rd lane! It is like war when you are driving on either side of the road. The drivers race up to get ahead and then dart in front of you causing everyone else to slam on their breaks! I've never seen such inconsiderate drivers in my life as I have on rt. 3!
Pondo Sinatra January 19, 2014 at 08:07 AM
Haven't most of the fatalities occurred on the southbound side of Rt 3, where 97/32/3/175 all meet? I fail to see how widening northbound Rt 3 will stop people from coming off of 97 at 80mph and crashing in to cars merging from 32, or stopped at the 175 light. I think a better argument for the road widening would be: " Rt 3 has already been catastrophically screwed up by the development at Waugh Chapel, and its only going to get worse when Walmart and the rest of the development along that corridor shows up. We need to allow people the most expeditious ways to escape the [expletive deleted] that is Waugh Chapel. I mean, we already fell for the developers line of B.S. about the mythical Michigan Left that was going alleviate the back-ups there. It looks to me like all they did was add some more stop lights. At least adding a third lane north of there would help to flush the giant toilet that area is becoming."


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