Hoyer Chats With Businesses in Crofton

The congressman is expected to add Crofton to his district if he wins the general election Tuesday.

At various times throughout 30-year career, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-5th District) has represented Crofton. 

Hoyer will represent Crofton again if voters approve the new redistricting plan, and he took time to speak with business owners and residents in town on Monday. 

Hoyer is also favored to win re-election against Republican challenger Tony O'Donnell on Tuesday.

“I’m just saying hello, and letting them know they’re back in my district,” Hoyer said as he spent time with voters at the Crofton Bowling Centre. 

Hoyer also stopped by the Crofton Depot carryout and Tomorrow's Treasures quilt shop. He is seeking re-election at a time when President Barack Obama and other Democrats have been under fire for not doing enough to improve the economy. 

"Small business are obviously huge job creators," he said. "I’ve always been a Democrat who believed that if you’re going to be pro-worker, you’ve got to be pro-worker. If you’re going to be an advocate of workers, you need to be an advocate of employers.”

Under the redistricting plan approved by the legislature last year, Hoyer's district now includes most of Calvery and St. Mary's Counties as well as portions of Prince George's County. Crofton represent a small sliver of Anne Arundel County that is now also included. The redistricting plan has been placed on the ballot in Tuesday's general election.


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