Breakdown: How We Voted in West County

At some precincts, nearly 70 percent of registered voters hit the polls. The area leaned toward Mitt Romney, but some areas came out big for Barack Obama.

Residents in west Anne Arundel County showed strong interest in the general election Tuesday, as voter turnout outpaced the national average in many precincts.

Turnout was especially high in pockets of Crofton and Odenton, where as many as two-thirds of registered voters cast their ballots. 

Early data indicates that nationwide, about 60 percent of registered voters cast a ballot.

Poll results from west Anne Arundel County showed that voters generally favored Mitt Romney, but there were some precincts that showed heavy support for President Obama. Those who voted at Arundel Middle School and Arundel High School were among the biggest Romney fans, while Obama got his strongest showing at Seven Oaks Elementary School, Meade Heights Elementary School and Meade Middle School. 

This is not an exhaustive list of every polling center in the area. If yours is not listed, check out the full list at the Anne Arundel County elections website. 

Please note these are unofficial totals that do not include provisional ballot and absentee ballots. 

Here's a look at the election results in the Crofton, Severn, Odenton and Gambrills area. 

Note: Numbers next to some polling centers indicate the precinct, but some voting centers represented multiple precincts.

Precinct Voters Registered % Result Odenton Elem 1166 1891 61.6 567-552 Romney West County Library 966 1859 51.9 473-455 Romney O'Malley Center 967 1662 58.1 549-374 Obama Waugh Chapel Elem 2473 4388 56.3 1237-1156 Romney Piney Orchard Elem (4-5) 834 1301 64.1 459-347 Obama Piney Orchard Elem (4-20) 1051 1858 56.5 614-461 Obama Seven Oaks Elem (4-19) 934 1743 53.6 521-486 Obama Seven Oaks Elem (4-24) 1479 2739 54 1138-306 Obama Four Seasons Elem 1136 1883 60 636-473 Romney Arundel High 976 1548 63 562-385 Romney Arundel Middle 957 1639 58.3 637-289 Romney Crofton Elem (4-10) 88 150 58.6 53-25 Romney Crofton Elem (7-15) 1262 1949 64.7 652-572 Romney Crofton Elem (7-16) 1276 1998 63.8 670-577 Romney Crofton Woods Elem (7-14) 1029 1533 67.1 519-479 Romney Crofton Woods Elem (7-26) 1222 1997 61.1 701-495 Romney Crofton Middle School 810 1280 63.2 425-367 Romney Crofton Meadows  1013 1589 64.1 564-400 Obama Crofton Meadows (7-24) 1363 2124 61.2 757-567 Romney Nantucket Elem 1704 2587 65.8 904-765 Romney Crofton Library  1144 1831 62.4 652-447 Romney Crofton Annex 1339 2056 65.1 714-594 Romney Arundel Fire Hall 1311 2089 62.76 805-463 Romney Severn Elem 931 1591 58.5 504-409 Romney Ridgeway Elem (2-23) 1239 2031 61 605-584 Romney Ridgeway Elem (2-24) 1123 1888 59.48 563-520 Romney Van Bokkelen Elem (1-19) 1161 2124 54.6 746-372 Obama Van Bokkelen Elem (1-21) 984 1815 54.2 789-178 Obama Meade Middle School 1129 2368 47.69 801-298 Obama Meade Heights Elem 1167 2213 52.73 1028-125 Obama Old Mill High 774 1297 59.6 437-308 Romney Severn Methodist Church 758 1292 58.6 470-264 Obama Quarterfield Elem (2-4) 1308 2236 58.5 656-607 Obama Quarterfield Elem (2-9) 1166 2097 55.6 672-446 Obama Old Mill Middle South  1222 2117 57.7 710-477 Obama

Are you suprised by any of these numbers? Chime in below in the comments.

My Opinion November 11, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Personally I do not understand how some can stand in long lines for the new IPhone or days to be the first to see a new movie but when it comes to voting they say "just did not have time to wait"! People elections come every two/four years: plan ahead and make it as important as getting that first Iphone or seeing a new movie! Someone, a business owner, tried to debate the outcome of this election with me yesterday and my response was "it's over" get over it and for those of us who lived with W for 8 years and did not threaten him or our employees the next four years will be easy......quit complaining and get to work! jmho
My Opinion November 11, 2012 at 04:15 PM
PS I personally will not spend a dime of my hard EARNED, yes I earned it, money on any business that penalizes their employees because we reelected OUR President~! Applebee's has the honor of being the first on my list.....Walmart has always been on that list and no I will not spend my money at that "store"!
Eric Smith November 14, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Yes, no one should wait in line to vote. But everyone here can solve that problem themselves and do absentee voting on their own time. I did it this year and there was no line at my mailbox. We should do 100% mail in ballots in Maryland just like Oregon and Washington and save a whole bunch of money and trouble. I know crazy idea saving money and time.
7 Oaks Mom January 20, 2013 at 08:36 PM
Obama won. Get OVER IT! You have a Black President for another 4 years! Na-na-na-na-na!
McGibblets January 20, 2013 at 08:39 PM
"Obama won. Get OVER IT! You have a Black President for another 4 years! Na-na-na-na-na!" 7 Oaks Mom? Its a shame someone with that kind of childish mentality is a mom. Love how you capitalize the B in black, it speaks volumes.


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