Vitale: This Election is a Game-Changer

Patch caught up with Delegate Cathy Vitale outside of Severna Park Middle School on Election Day.

State delegate and Severna Park native Cathy Vitale (R-District 33A) was outside Severna Park Middle School on Election Day morning—but she wasn’t waiting to cast her vote.

Vitale, a Republican, said she actually voted early and was spending Election Day around the polls talking with voters.

Throughout the county, early voting numbers skewed heavily towards Democrats, something Vitale said surprised her.

“I was surprised by the numbers,” she said. “Last election, Republicans came out heavily in early voting. I think a lot of individuals are waiting for today to ensure their vote counts on Election Day.”

Vitale said she thinks this election in particular is a “game-changer.” With seven state questions and 15 county charter questions, Vitale said voters are really voicing their opinions.

“This election is a game-changer. Voters are telling us they don’t like what is happening in Annapolis,” Vitale said. “Especially when it comes to the redistricting, the lines are so horribly misdrawn, and you can’t fight that without voter-driven ballot questions.” 

When Election Day is over, and all votes have been cast, Vitale said she will be anxiously awaiting not only the presidential outcome, but will also be watching the senate races and Question 6, relating to same-sex marriage.

Vitale also said she'll be very interested so see the outcome on Question 4, which deals with the Dream Act. She said this question could become an issue nationwide.

“If Question 4 passes, it will become a mainstay on state ballots nationwide,” Vitale said. “Whether it is Maryland law or a mock-up to push illegal alien rights, it will be an issue like gambling in Maryland—it will be one that never goes away. I think we need to watch for that as a more national trend.”

Vitale added, “If the White House changes though, then all bets are off.”

No matter what your take is on the issues, Vitale said a voter’s individual voice would really be heard this year when it comes to how you vote on each of the questions.

“This is one election where your vote really translates to your voice,” she said. “That’s what makes it such a game-changer.”

hawkeye November 07, 2012 at 03:25 PM
…..and I guess the voters have spoken. They obviously 'like' what is happening in Annapolis because all the ballot questions passed. Watch out for whatever MOM has up his sleeve for the upcoming legislative session…he's bound to expand on his successes.


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