Arundel Students Get Lessons in Business, Innovation

Nearly 40 students from the school's signature program met with local companies, including a maker of accessories for Ipads and other devices.

Crofton students were among those who got an inside look at one of the area's fastest-growing companies Wednesday, as M-Edge opened its doors to 10th graders involved in Arundel High School's signature program. 

The 36 students got a tour of the company's offices and warehouses in Odenton, and learned about the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

M-Edge produces covers, sleeves and other accessories for e-readers, tablets and other electronic devices. Its CEO, Patrick Mish, is a 1994 Arundel High graduate. 

The 36 students, mostly 10th-graders, made the visits as part of an economics unit tied to the school's Community Development and Global Citizenship Signature Program. Students also made appearances Wednesday at developer AJ Properties and Reliable Contracting.

"This is a way for them to understand that the things they've been learning about are in their backyard," said Barbara Dziedzic, the lead teacher for the signature program. "They can take a look at local entrepreneurship and how a local company can have a global scope."

While visiting M-Edge, students got to meet with workers in product development, human resources and marketing and spent nearly 30 minutes chatting with Mish.

Mish offered insight into how the company has grown from a 5-person operation in 2006 to a $40 million enterprise today. 

"The learning curve I had to go through was astronomical," Mish told the students. "I'm still learning things today."

Dziedzic said she expects to schedule future visits to M-Edge and work with the company on setting up internships and other programs. 

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