'Prince of Positivity' Visits Arundel Students

Massoud Adibpour, creator of the "Make DC Smile" campaign, spread his message of positivity to students during an assembly Friday.

A man who brought a campaign of positivity to the Washington, DC area took time Friday to spread the same message to students at Arundel High School.

Massoud Adibpour came to an honor roll assembly armed with signs featuring positive words like “Today is Awesome,” “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself,” and “Smile, it’s Good for Your Health.” Adibpour gained notoriety in the Washington area when he waved the signs during the morning rush hour, dissemminating positivity to commuters as they began their weeks. Unofficially, it became known as the “Make DC Smile” campaign. 

“It kind of brought a little bit of hope to the city and the area ... and on a Monday morning,” he said. 

Adibpour, who is employed at the 9:30 Club in Washington, came to Arundel after an invitation from the school’s speech and debate class. (By accepting the invitation, he was checking off a box on his own “bucket list,” which included a promise to one day speak in front of more than 100 people.)

After the assembly, Adibpour took time to make positive posters with students during their Wildcat Hour. 

“Positivity is contagious, just like negativity,” he said. “You never know who you might be affecting.”

Would you appreciate a dose of positivity on Monday mornings?


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