Quidditch Tournament Set to Help Kenya Venture

Two Arundel High School seniors are close to raising $11,000 toward an education center in Kenya. The second annual quidditch tournament could put them over the top.

Aashi Parikh and Jordan Luber are hoping that some Hogwarts magic will get them closer to their goal of funding an education resource center in Wamunyu, Kenya. 

The Arundel High School seniors are organizing a second annual quidditch tournament on March 15, with money from ticket sales going to help students in the east African nation. 

So far, the pair have raised more than $6,000 toward the project. If the students are able to replicate the funds raised from last year's quidditch tournament, they will top their ultimate goal of $11,000.

Quidditch, for the uninformed, is a "sport" combining elements of soccer and lacrosse inspired by the Harry Potter series of books. 

The tournament will take place during the school day with tickets sold only to students and staff at Arundel. 

Parikh and Luber are working with Kenya Connect to fund the center, which is already under construction and includes computers and workspace for students. In June, they hope to travel to Kenya to officially launch a book club partnership, and have already set up a pen pal program.

The pair first launched the fundraising effort in September of 2011 and set a goal of completing the project by the time they graduate this spring. 

"It's definitely been an experience, but we knew that going in," said Parikh, who hopes to study engineering in college. "I never thought this whole experience would move me this much."

To learn how to donate to Kenya Venture, email kenyaventure@gmail.com.


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