Seahawk Plays in All-Star Game, Meets Idol

Nick Sia wrapped up his impressive season by finally meeting his idol, Baltimore Orioles' centerfielder Adam Jones.

Before the start of the 2012 baseball season, made a deal via Twitter with one of his idols, Adam Jones.

that if Sia was selected to the Brooks Robinson game, an end-of-the-year event highlighting the best players in the state, the Orioles centerfield would meet the local teen.

On Sunday, Sia’s dream came true. Following the game, the local teen’s smile went ear-to-ear.

“I was amazed he actually came to watch the game. He seemed really cool—a genuinely nice guy,” Sia told Patch.

Last week, and his personal struggle to compete this season while battling through an early-season injury. His primary goals were to win a state championship, make the All-County team and make the Brooks Robinson game so he could meet Jones.

“I could not have imagined a cooler way to end my high school baseball career,” Sia said. “My head coach and assistant coaches came to watch. Friends, family and teammates … it felt amazing to be able to go out and play against such good competition in front of everyone—a nice confidence booster to go into college.”


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