CRCC News and Notes: Dec. 13

News from the Crofton Regional Community Center (CRCC).

Information submitted by the CRCC’s Donna Doyle:

Weekend Book Sale

The sun was out and the weather beautiful, but it was so very cold! This past weekend, the Book Sale at my house took place and although there weren't a lot of people who attended, those who did were all class. We shivered a lot and we cursed the wind, but we made it through. And it was so enjoyable to talk to the people! Thank you to all who came and all who stopped to chat with us. We earned a little money and the remainder of the books will now be sold on ebay.

Family Photo Fundraiser

Christmas is just weeks away, as is the last chance for a . With a $50 donation to the CRCC, Visual Concepts will give you a free photo session as well as a free 11-by-14-inch photo and a chance to win a custom wall photo at a drawing on Feb. 18. Winner need not be present. As a bonus to all this, you get special prices on all package deals, including Christmas cards. Call Linda McCarthy of Visual Concepts now at 410-626-7474 or email her at linda@visualconcepts.com.

Board Meeting Jan. 11

The CRCC will be enjoying the holidays and a brief sojourn until the Board of Directors meeting on Jan. 11. Meanwhile, this is a good time to remind everyone if they want to donate to a nonprofit, tax-free organization by the end of this year to benefit them on their taxes for 2011, the Crofton Region Community Center (CRCC) would appreciate your donation.

  • For each $100 donation, your name will go on a brick paver at the center.
  • For each $500 donation, a plaque with your name on it will go on a tree.

Ask what you'll get when your donation is made. These are just examples.

Looking for Grant Opportunities

The CRCC has applied for its first grant. If you know of grant opportunities for which the CRCC might be eligible, please let us know.

What’s Going in the CRCC?

Perhaps a little more explanation of what will be inside the community center is in order. Did you know that the gymnasium would actually be a multi-purpose room? To all outward appearances it will seem to be a basketball court, but it is being designed to be much more than that. The flooring will be made of a material that permits its use for other things and for more than just basketball shoes. It will have various markings for more than one sport. The bleachers will be collapsible so they can be brought out when needed and folded back when not. There will be a stage brought out when it's wanted and stored away at other times. And there will be large storage space to accommodate gymnastic equipment as well as other items used in the gym.

Sweetheart’s Ball Feb. 18

Now the board can concentrate fully on the Sweetheart's Ball on Feb. 18. It will be the same as last year, only with electricity this time. Lots of dancing, entertainment and glorious food by the Blue Dolphin. For the silent auction part, we are looking for donations from everywhere. If you have something you can donate, please call John Hollywood at 301-261-3515. Don't forget—take advantage of this year's tax break before the year is out!

The Crofton Regional Community Center is a tax-free, nonprofit organization formed to open a community center and a skate park in Crofton. The website is at www.croftonregionalcommunitycenter.net. The Facebook fan page is at www.facebook.com/theCRCC. Email comments and questions to Donna Doyle at doyle1718@comcast.net.


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